The STARK RELAX U-plows are suitable for over 10-ton machines.

Thanks to patented technologies, STARK U-plows are the most efficient and versatile on the market.

The STARK U-plow is a first-class snow clearing device with excellent manoeuvrability. Plowing is possible also when driving in reverse and snow removal and stacking is efficient and effortless. The patented SMOOTH MOTION side wing turning system with two hydraulic cylinders enables precise, controlled and wide movements.

The patented RELAX blade release mechanism protects the operator, the base machine, and the implement itself from collision damage.

Thanks to the RELAX blade system, the blade remains locked during plowing, resulting in a smooth surface with significantly less packed snow. When the blade hits an obstacle, the blade system lock is released, the blade body turns backwards, and the blade gets over the obstacle. This protects the driver, the attachment, and the base machine from collision damage. A plow with a RELAX blade system can be pushed more forcefully against the ground to remove packed snow.

The patented FLOATING FRAME floating system follows the ground closely. The sliding plates and floating features reduce bouncing of the plow while working.

The centre wing in the STARK  RELAX U-plow H-models is 1.35 m high and either 2.4 m or 3.0 m wide, with a total width of 4.2 and  6.6 m respectively. The plows have welded adapters with several different options. Different versatile hydraulic options are also available for STARK-U plows. For example, the four-way valve adds to the manoeuvrability of the RELAX U-plow by providing extra comfort and work efficiency.

Requirements for hydraulics: connection with at least two hoses, requires at least one double-acting hydraulic block.

The long service life of the STARK attachment is guaranteed by the STARK service.

Various working positions of the blade for snow removal:




Standard equipment:

RELAX blade system, SMOOTH MOTION, FLOATING FRAME, freely adjustable support legs, rotating ball-jointed support plates, edge wear pieces, reflectors, attention label.

Optional equipment:

Several valve options, numerous wear blade and adapter options, various hydraulic quick couplings


LED light set, special painting, control unit, central lubrication system.

STARK WELDED adapters:

Atlas A55, 65, 70, 80, 85; Atlas AR35; Bobcat AL275/Terex TL65; Bobcat AL350, AL440/Terex TL80, TL 100, TL120;  Bobtach (SSL- SKID STEER LOADERS); Euro; Fares; Gjerstad; Isme; JCB Tool carrier; JCB 3/4 CX 4-PIN; JCB 406B; JCB 409; JCB Q-Fit; JCB Quick Hitch Industrial; 3-POINT (CLASS 1); 3-POINT (CLASS 2); 3-POINT (CLAS 3);  Komatsu WA100; Komatsu WA80;  Komatsu WB 93-97; Kramer 318-680, Kramer 680; KUNTA 500; LM-Truc; Merlo; Quicke; Trima;  Venieri 1.33, 2.63, 3.63, 7.63;  VL (VILA); VOLVO L20, L25 ; VOLVO L30z, L32z, L35z; VOLVO BM; VOLVO 150; Zettelmayer 302, 402 , 502, 602, 702;

Technical specifications